Time Warner Customer Web Pages - a downgrade for Los Angeles cable users


Los Angeles Time Warner is being phased out by me after at least eight fruitless contacts with Time Warner.

Time Warner told me "Your existing web pages will be transferred in their entirety." (email March 14, 2007 6:48 AM, received in April). Comcast had a web space allocation of 182 megabytes, I was using about 160 megabytes

Time Warner technical support phone contact and email response is "You are offered 25 free megabytes of web space!"

I am now told that only one of my email accounts qualify for Road Runner Personal Home Pages. Comcast gave personal web pages to all my seven screen names. If I had a teenager, he or she would not be able to publish at all on Roadrunner.

They say: "Sorry for the inconvenience". I say I'm leaving after assuming that I would be locked into cable for the rest of my life. Now free to go DSL or any other ISP.

All my thousands of URLs originally on Comcast were deleted with no notice. On every visit, things like this "Personal Home Page Account Details - Temporarily Unavailable" I will move my webpage to: edhiker.googlepages.com/

They say the customer "must manually edit the absolute references to point to your images or pages using a relative path. Absolute references to links or images in your html files will need to be edited and changed to relative links referring to your directory structure (see image below for an example of a directory structure). Editing the html to change to relative references in your directory structure means that you should change absolute links to images and files within your Personal Home Pages" (My web pages, if migrated from Comcast will have thousands of these issues)

I see no good reason that personal web page URL structure needed changing in the first place, especially that the host server name is ftp://upload.comcast.net ( from General FTP Setup )

Which best describes the Time Warner adventure in taking over Comcast's Los Angeles franchise?

1- A thousand monkeys... on a thousand keyboards can't get the hosting service working

2- How to keep a Pollock (the hapless user) busy

3- Gross incompetence

4- A Scam on the city of Los Angeles.

Last August, I asked them in an email, .... "My home page alone has "Comcast" embedded 53 times, and that's just a start. Your TV ads and welcome page ignores this problem. Advise as how to proceed". I got no answer till April when my thousands of URL's containing "edhiker.home.comcast" went dead.

Try Google search "home roadrunner.com", then try search "home.comcast.net" Results count shows web page usage on Roadrunner (Time Warner) and Comcast - how about 2000:1 Looks like I'm not the only one that can't make Time Warner's site work.